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Write to me, love

Write me a song

Write me a song With dying, diminishing chords. Scrawled on crumpled paper, stained with tears, sweat, coffee and the dinner you didn't get to finish. Write me a story With broken up sentences and small simple words. Spoken in a crackling, shy, husky voice and dark circles under your eyes to rival the despondent plot. Write me a poem With words that don't rhyme, don't make sense nor sound pleasing. Recite the most revolting ballad with a confusing structure and ugly imagery. Write me a letter About your darkest, unholiest desires. All your twisted thoughts and most grotesque fantasies. About the most disturbing, ugly, dirty parts of you. A n d l e t m e l o v e t h e m - Don't write with ethereal beauty for me, write with real beauty