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What women won't

Holding back on me, doing it for you. No more, no more.

Giggle when you want Struggle when you need Sing songs in your praise Not even for that raise Blur down for your shine No stumbling into line Be on standby while you grow Be less so you find more Sit inside my mind Nor age like young wine Hiding crows feet with colour Shaving in cold weather Understand for your ease Be nice without a please Smile when you’re just shit Cry so you’re THE shit Stay when you don’t deserve it Leave when you want me gone Hustle when you need a pillar Be dusk when I am dawn Talk, if you won’t make a sound Soar, if you’re holding me down Show up when you only showdown Hold still when you’re running around Unless I want to, unless I so please I’ll do what you want, if it’s what I want & need I’ll sit in myself and share my self with you You can have what I bring or – well, there’s the door