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Used, as a toy

You didn't have to

You didn't have to You didn't have to mark me I see it in the mirror and I shiver why did you make it harder for me As if it isn't hard enough to forget what happened As if it's not something I remember when I lay on my bed Unable to escape the memory of being a fucking object for your pleasure. You didn't have to leave a mark on my neck The mark you left on me mentally is far more permanent than it But you just had to do it. I can't put any of these feelings into words I can't cry this grief out I don't feel heartache, I never loved you. I just feel betrayal and fear That's all And it hurts in a way I've never felt before. I can't walk around in public without my body weakening with anxiety And my breath quickening with panic. You didn't have to mark me like I'm yours You didn't even want me anyways. You selfish bastard you selfish bastard you selfish bastard It's my fault For letting your big words and small talk get to me You didn't have to do this