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Tracking your Period: calming or chaotic?

You record the date you get your period and the following month, the app is your very best friend, looking out for you in every way you need.

Period tracking apps have been the greatest thing to have happened to women since the invention of vibrators. (chuckles) You record the date you get your period and the following month, the app is your very best friend, looking out for you in every way you need. This is how: It sends you a notification the day before your period is due; something along the lines of: “Aunt Flow is coming.” It remembers to remind you your own date, taking the onus off of you for your own needs. How neat is that? Your monthly fertile window is another important thing your app tracks and provides you with intimations for. The fertile window of a month is essentially the days that a woman ovulates, when her eggs are prepped & ready to make a baby. The app gets wonderfully specific as it allows you to record details like your everyday moods, the intensity of your flow & even occasions of intimacy – allowing you to make a note if you happened to have an encounter during or around your fertile window. This specificity makes room for you to monitor yourself from a little bit of a distance in terms of having access to enough data to analyse existing or developing patterns in you & your periods. Since periods are kind of like the gateway to pregnancy, many of these apps can switch themselves into pregnancy & post-pregnancy modes as well. These would allow you to track the progress of not only the 9 months your baby spends inside your womb – but also post partum guidance. Many apps also offer community aid and encourage user involvement and co-dependency. While all these features are truly remarkable and offer a lot of information about us, all of which we’re essentially individually sharing and celebrating alone with ourselves over a period of months on months & then years on years, is it full proof and consistently constructive? “I often find myself getting madly worked up within my fertility window, going out of my way to wholly avoid sex on any and every account. The numbers, the knowledge of all these details, it overwhelms me later, when I’m meant to be expecting my period. I worry so much; I feel I’ve actually managed to successfully delay my period on more than one occasion – simply by expecting it too hard. Does that make any sense?” said an anonymous contributor. If you took a moment to consider, these same details would work like magic once we get to the other side and start trying to make a baby rather than trying as hard as we do to avoid the same, at present. The opulent knowledge at our fingertips, the mindful maintenance of our own cycles, flow and mood modulations would all go from being a silly source of anxiety into being a bottomless pit of heavy context & sound guidance.