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The Ideal woman, my mother

I know you were raised broken too

Dear Mom, I know I know you were raised broken too I know how badly they abused you That you took your own belt and whipped yourself just so you could watch the welts As they formed on your body That you despised so much That felt nothing. I am sorry they couldn't raise or care for such a beautiful sensitive woman like you. I'm sorry that the world can not handle your rage and passion. I'm sorry the love you feel for everything is more of a burden than a boon That no one knows how to love a woman like you Who is so powerful and strong but so brittle and broken But more than anything I'm sorry that I have to avoid you Because as much as I love you My memories of you are so deeply tainted with pain and abuse and toxicity I'm sorry I ran away from home and told you I hated you just so it would make it easier to go And I'm sorry that you feel so alone without me at home and that you cry every night about how you made the same mistakes as your