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Spectator and More

I've always enjoyed visitors

I've always enjoyed visitors They're like Temporary friends. They come into your life And you discover who they are In turn, you let them into your room Give them a glass of water and a comfortable smile You let them see your posters and what books you like You share your desk and your stories You let them open doors in your house your friends hadn't noticed yet And then they leave With a hug, a smile and a goodbye. Somehow, when you came over to visit You felt like you were already at home. You knew what was behind every door You understood how the shower works on the first try My desk already had the things you needed So you didn't rummage around too much To find what you wanted. When you left you gave me a hug and a smile But you never said goodbye Instead, you took a spare key And said, "see you in a while". I've always enjoyed visitors Because sometimes Someone will stop by And find themselves Home. -//come back whenever you can, I will always enjoy your company//