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Rainbow splatterings

The picture painted by the shadows of periods, in the colour of words & emotions.

Quiet, pale and sulphur soft Can’t figure what I’m quite about Like the quiet eye of my monthly storm I sit and rage in this silent song A softish pink, a somber cry Inside my quilt, I curl up, lie A torrid red, loud, angry, harsh It takes the bright, it makes it dark And then I find myself in green An icky mess that feels pristine I dance through all my heavy blues Highs of lows, familiar new The brown is gentle, kind. She stays She worries some but mostly plays Hide and seek with mustard seeds’ Subtlety, tranquility Then my favourite greys, they come They sit with me like no one does Black, dear friend, is back again, Old, very wrinkled, ugly, bent And then periwinkle says hello As she lifts her sleepy head once more From under sky blue’s cloudy shore Where all the magic sits alone That brings midnight into her blues She’s angry as she brings the news Of powder having overdosed on How alike he & baby look