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What goes around, keeps going until it finds its way back.

And I walked away. Your indifference hurt me, yet again. I told you I'm hurt, I told you I needed to see you, You were in your zone, you said. When you met me I expected some comfort, I got none. We sat side by side, I kept looking at you, you were busy, like always. I teased you, You frowned, I decided to let you be, but I still looked at you, you didn't care. I walked off, you followed me, I didn't look back.. Has "Palat palat palat" ever worked? Or rather, did you pray I'd turn around? Maybe you didn’t care as usual, I wish you did, but I don’t know. I don’t know if this is a joke for you, Do you know what I feel, or am I just another one for you, Why is there a trade off between a woman falling in love and you falling out? I want to say that you need to understand better, Listen better, Hold me better, Be there for me better, But will you understand? Or will your words yet again just remain words? My phone rings, It’s you.. I don’t want to lift up, but I do it anyway.. stupid me ...You okay? you ask. I say yes. You still love me? you ask. I say yes. That is all you asked, That is all you cared about- validation, All you cared about is whether you still have someone to lean on, But when I need to lean onto someone, Why do I feel like I fall to wake up to the reality that- That you’re not there. But your words are enough, They give me hope to take the leap of faith again, You say you're sorry and I think you care. I think you care until next time you frown again. And the circle of indifference continues, until Until walk away again. Will this cycle ever stop? Or will I keep taking the leap of faith until I’m hollow inside? I’m waiting, I’m explaining, Do you care enough to listen?