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Pain, puff, pass.

Every woman wears and deals with her pain in a subjective, most effective manner (for her). One can always share in the pool of existing knowledge and suggestions to offer oneself this much needed relief.

Dysmenorrhoea aka menstrual pain, is one of the biggest most consistent struggles women endure as part of being women. However high or low its degree of intensity, women everywhere have accepted the discomfort as something unavoidable and try to tackle it in various ways to try to lessen its impact. As we know, extreme cases of menstrual cramps can find women under a monthly spell of excruciating pain, almost leaving them incapable of regular life. While some choose to adopt “ignorance is bliss” as their mantra, others take painkillers on painkillers to try to soften the pangs. There are still others who try to seek refuge in the numbing comfort of smoking pot. While not only being illegal in India, Marijuana is also not recommended by any medical professional, based on the fact that its use to treat period pain has manifested outside of solid proof. However, despite the fact that this particular use of marijuana has not been wholly studied, many women resort to the relief it offers in their time of monthly need. Neuropathic pain is the name given to unpleasant sensations caused by nerves in the body; either inflamed or even pinched. Because Dysmenorrhea isn’t a Neuropathic condition, the use of Marijuana to alleviate it, seems to most people like an ill-fitting one. Pain is a confusing matter because is it tends to be rather subjective – especially when it comes to menstrual cramps. This is probably the reason why studying the same over the years has been as difficult as it has; everyone experiences it differently, deals with it differently and finds relief from it differently. Dysmenorrhea is the result of hormones that are released from the uterus lining, causing it to contract. These hormones are called Prostaglandins and they cause inflammation, which leads to the pain. Marijuana does possess anti-inflammatory properties, which is possibly how it manages to help in the riddance of cramps for certain women. It makes the user feel a sense of ease and relaxation and dampens the sensation of pain, which is quite possibly why the women who swear by it do so. There was a stretch of time when I’d be in tears on every first day of each period, until I’d smoked a portion of a joint and it had kicked in. Menstrual pain has always been physically paralysing for me, accompanied by dizzy spells and often nausea. Somehow, smoking a joint would soothe all that discomfort and manage to uplift me to a small degree. A joint, on those days, was my one and only savior – often, the very reason I could even bring myself to stand up on my feet and start my day. In recent years, a medicinal form of marijuana has been developed in the form of vaginal suppositories and is available in the cannabis-friendly states of the United States of America. It is called Floria Relief and is sold as a form of holistic treatment for period pain. This could prove to be a good substitute for those who are against smoking as a form of medicating. There will always be new techniques to treat discomfort but as the saying goes, try everything to find what works for you personally. And when you know, you’ll know.

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