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Fallen leaves of Autumn

Shedding insecurities like the falling of leaves – if only it was that simple and so easy

They crackle and tear under the bare feet that crush them; imploding them to sudden death, irrevocable damage The treeline disappearing into the cold atmosphere in the darkened sky studded with jewels that shine meekly; some brighter than others Tasting a sip of sparkling rum, heat rushes down my chest A fire imploding just above where desire’s burning Adrenaline rushing, heat radiating On cloud 9, but grounded Exposing a subtle cleavage and lavish curves that sit perfectly on the chest New found confidence ? Not yet, still burning my hair and plucking and bleaching and waxing my skin off its originality to provide relief to sore eyes that (don’t) see Perfection? Imperfection? The body can wait, this soul needs some tweaking