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Change: not just a word BREATHE/HEAL

Change is the only constant.

A six letter word in itself consists of a whole lot of stories relating to an individual or group, extending up to and then beyond the world and everything within it. Each and every thing around us, whether living or non living, materialistic or non-materialistic, undergoes constant change – both positive and negative. Some welcome this change with their open hearts while others not so much. Most of us are hesitant towards the changes taking place in our lives. But have you ever wondered why this change takes place? Why do we grow? Why does a flower blossom from a bud? Why are we trying everyday to discover new technologies or a most simple question why are we constantly working towards better living standards? If all these things come at the cost of change, then why? Someone may say that because these changes are brought to us by nature, we cannot stop anything from growing. While this is true, working towards the better future is solely our own decision, we do so to survive! And that’s the ultimate truth. A change is always related to survival, whether it is in relation to the living or non-living, technologies or companies, markets or individuals. If we look at the dictionary meaning of change it says ‘An act or instance of making or becoming different’. Yes that’s pretty close! But does all change leave us better off? It’s hard to see but not impossible. Most often we don’t want to undergo change but lately we do realise that what took place was worthy or what we are today is better than what we were before. Though there are few changes which are hard to undergo and accept – like a close friend changing or you yourself changing, switching your job profiles and many more. One common factor, before all these changes occur, is decision making. A bold and tough decision need to be made before we can witness it. A decision full of hopes and uncertainties but with a positive motivation backed with a risk factor. It’s hard to make this decision, as there is an opportunity cost associated but after doing all tradeoffs we reach to the verge of making this strong life changing decision. So ‘Change’ is an indispensible part of our lives which take place because of self inflicted circumstance caused by our own conscious actions, so it’s better to accept this fact and try to learn to tackle it rather than being repulsive to it. I won’t disagree to the fact that not all the changes taking place is good some are bad, bad like hell! But what we can do on our part with such changes? Can we do anything? Valid question right? Let’s find an answer through a short story. There was a 19 year old boy who decided to climb a commuter train parked at adjacent rail station, for fun. When he got to the top, electrical current aced out of a piece of equipment into the watch on his wrist. Eleven thousand volts shot through his left arm and down his legs. He was taken to the nearby hospital. For weeks, the hospital staff considered him close to death. But the boy in his devastated haze only worried about who he would be when he survived. The doctors took off his three limbs, each leg just below the knee and his left hand. All the pain hit him at once. For the boy who has his whole life ahead, this incident changed entire definition of his life. There were times when he wanted to die but life has other plans for him and he turned out to be known as MD. Dr.BJ.Miller, a hospice and palliative care specialist who treat hospitalised patients with terminal or life-altering illness. In his work he connects art, spirituality and medicine in end-of-life care. After himself witnessing the death so closely he now help people in their last stage of lives to become friends with death. He believe that death is a fact which no one want to face but after knowing that one is going to die it’s better to accept it, face it and embrace it. Isn’t it amazing who thought that the incident will give him a whole new reason for living and helping others in a very unique way. From the above story we saw some changes are not in our hands they are destined to happen but it lies in our hand how we take it positively or negatively. He met an accident which changed not only his physical appearance but his entire outlook towards the world around him. So sometimes things do appear bit weird, preciously a bizarre but later you will find out the motive behind that change and gradually things will be beautiful around you. This is the underlying magic that change brings with itself to everyone.