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Cage of praxis

the dichotomy of freedom & safety

A moment before I share this I want you to understand That I am just a human living in a cage of praxis When someone says the word ‘marriage’ I already feel bound by its thought Because how am I to know that I wouldn’t burden my shoulders over the roles I must play? Call my fears irrational Tell me I’m overthinking And then say that that’s just how it is When someone says the word ‘children’ I feel bound again I fear I would become so involved in motherhood that I would give up the notions that I spent years working on The notion to peak in career The notion to care about myself, love myself first Call me selfish Tell me this is how it is & how it’s supposed to be When someone says the word ‘appropriate’ I feel nervous I feel the need to cover every inch of my body in order to preserve the notion of ‘decency’ The conviction of being traditional The conviction of being accepted But then, still call me a whore And then tell me this is how it is When someone says the word ‘night’ I feel terrified I feel I would be robbed of my safety and the right to my body I fear that someone will see as an opportunity to feel the need to invade my body The notion to be safe The notion to be able to get home safely Call me the victim Tell me the streets aren’t for me at night, and then cage me in the ‘safety’ of home and tell me – this is just how it is